Carburetor and Ignition Tuning for Performance Engines

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  • 47 Pages of Easy to Read information on Tuning Your Muscle Car or Bracket Racer.
  • - Ignition timing events explained
  • - Fuel Delivery
  • - Carburetor tips and techniques that work
  • - Carb Sizing
  • - Track Tuning Procedures
  • - How to test your fuel system
  • - Trouble shooting
  • - Jet and Area Charts
  • - Bracket Racing Tips and Tricks

What are People saying about this book:
  • Hi Don, thanks again for your tuning guide! Using your info I managed to get
    my car from a previous best of 11.30 @ 117 to 11.14 @ 118, well worth the ten bucks!!
    - Derek
  • ....I might have to try it on my own, with your tuning doc to advise along
    the way... By far the best $10 I've spent on this build already!
    Thanks for the time and info already shared......
    - Ed
  • I followed the step by step procedures and I can't believe the improvement,
    you need to double the price, better yet sell them to me and I'll sell them
    for $50.00 still worth every dime. Thanks
    - Jon, Indiana
  • I bought your book and it solved a 2 year tuning problem. I'm a Banker not a
    mechanic but it allowed me to achieve a level of performance that several good
    mechanics in my area could not. I still have a slight stumble if I stomp the
    throttle down at low RPM it goes away if I advance the timing they way you
    instructed me so I'll be removing the distributor and sending it to you next week.
    Thank you, I love my Corvette again.
    - Robert W, Arizona
  • I have been working on the tuning of my Mighty Demon for almost a year, I have called
    BG Techline probably 10 times and have spoken to at least 3 of their "Carb Experts",
    why didn't they explain these timing things to me? I can't believe I hesitated
    almost 2 months before squeezing that $10 out of my wallet and buying this book.
    All I did was follow your instructions and it got 100% better. Since I got the distributor
    back from you and installed it in the car is absolutely awesome, I think I just got a
    new car for $10.00. I can't thank you enough for this book and your time on the phone directing me.
    I wish I had of bought this carb from you in the 1st place and had you backing me up, all Summit would
    do was tell me to return it as defective, what a joke don't they understand customer service?
    - Dave, Seattle, WA.